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In this tutorial we will learn how to Audit EJB 3 Invocation Trail with Interceptors .

EJB 3+ is capable of applying custom interceptors to the business methods of your session and message driven beans. EJB 3 interceptors take the form of methods annotated with the @javax.ejb.AroundInvoke annotation & having following signature:

public Object (javax.ejb.InvocationContext ctx) throws java.lang.Exception

Either define an interceptor method

  • in the EJB itself,
  • or in a separate class

but remember that there can only be one interceptor method per class. We will use the separate class approach which is more maintainable.

Define Interceptor Method

public class EJB3InvocationAuditInterceptor { 
  private EJBContext context; 
  protected Object audit(InvocationContext ctx) throws Exception { 
    Principal principal = context.getCallerPrincipal(); 
    Logger.getLogger().info("Received a call from "+principal.getName());
    if (userIsValid(principal)) { 

           //TODO log & throw exception
    return ctx.proceed(); 

Apply Custom Interceptor on EJB

public class AuditedEJB3Bean { 
  // TODO: your EJB3 Bean content

Deploy & Access EJB

Bingo! You should see
Received a call from ...